What our clients are saying

Of course we can tell you lots and lots of things about our company, but ultimately, the most valuable information comes from our clients. We've got over 300 companies in our client base. Some of them are sharing their experience below.
We work with Stb Associations

Earlier we worked with a stand-alone Document Management System. The fully Integrated DMS with Stb for Associations, fits in our philosphy to have all our data in one single system thus minimizing handling as much as possible
Jan Hommes, Managing Director BMWT

We work with Stb Charity

DOEN: “ We used to need a row of office organizers and we would spend hours searching for and comparing information. With Eudonet Stb’s system, everything is a mouse click away.”

We work with Stb Training

BHV.NL: “ After doing market research, we found Eudonet Stb to be our best choice, and they remain our best choice to this day.

Successful open enrollments thanks to Atlas BHV.NL Manager Henry Harmsen van der Vliet talks about Stb Training: “The market demand is transposed into the software we need.” BHV.NL provid...

RINO Noord Holland: “Het systeem van Stb is het hart van de RINO.”

Stb Training is at the core of RINO RINO North Holland provides mental health-related training and has three focus areas. RINO’s offer includes refresher courses, workshops, and two-year program...
We work with Stb Specials

Moneypenny: ” Eudonet Stb’s system supports both the company processes dedicated to our assistants and our internal company processes. This makes new work possible here.”

Eudonet Stb’s New Work application Moneypenny acts as an interface between companies and people who want to work flexibly. Companies can use it to employ temporary workers. Moneypenny also takes...