“EFR is a unique tool, that enables us, as professionals, to optimize our care records and thus to provide good, safe healthcare services.”


Dr. Jesper Smeek – SAF president
“The idea behind the SAF (Fertility Automation Foundation) is that a group of professionals, made up of biologists, as well as gynecologists working in reproductive medicine, develop an electronic patient record together to improve reproductive medicine care. The EFR has been developed for and by users and the SAF is in charge of bringing users together in groups. That’s done on both the lab and the clinic sides. Professionals come together and discuss their needs and new ideas, including improvement points, so as to develop a new and improved EFR version.

The SAF’s task is to take stock of those needs and new ideas, to prioritize them, and then process them together with our partner, Stb Care. It’s a unique tool that enables us, as professionals, to optimize our care records and thus to provide good, safe healthcare services. We can also do scientific research with it because the EFR lets us record all the necessary information, but we can also use it for reports, to make our work transparent, to make our quality transparent for third parties such as health insurance providers or patients. But ultimately, it also enables us to mutually benchmark our quality, comparing results among ourselves, both nationally and internationally, in order to improve our quality.”

Dr. Monique Mochtar – Gynecologist at AMC
“We’ve had the EFR in our clinic for about 5 months now. Before that, we used paper-based files. Before that, we used paper-based files and it’s great that we’ve gone digital. It’s a lot easier to monitor monthly results and we share the system with the nurses and the administrative staff, which is excellent. The most important thing is that you open the record and you instantly get insight and overview regarding the patient. The diagnosis is there, there’s a built-in prognosis model, and the third widget is the treatment. So when a female patient requests a sperm donation, we can also do the matching in this system. There’s an expandable menu on the left. You click on it to enter the patient’s information. E.g., eye color, because matching is done based on external appearance alone. Then the lab worker checks to see whether there’s a suitable donor.”

Dr. Wouter van Inzen – Head of fertility laboratory at McK
“We started using the EFR a few years ago at the Kinderwens Medical Center. We were involved in the development, especially in the laboratory part, where we put in a lot of time and energy together with Stb Care. It is a web application, which makes it available on all the PCs here at the clinic. For us at the lab, the great advantage is that we have a link to the software we need in our Vitro Safe. Embryo data is saved there, which is then exchanged and imported into the EFR, so the analysts can view it in the EFR and the doctors can get up-to-date information as to what’s being done in the lab. It’s a complete package: we can record everything we want in the EFR, the lab can check it, and the doctors can also view the data.”


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