“Het systeem van Stb is het hart van de RINO.”


Stb Training is at the core of RINO

RINO North Holland provides mental health-related training and has three focus areas. RINO’s offer includes refresher courses, workshops, and two-year programmes for mental healthcare providers. RINO is also a certified trainer for psychology graduates, who can train to become psychotherapists, for example. Finally, RINO also supports professional associations in the field of mental healthcare through its own entity called Zonder Zorg (Carefree). This organization provides administrative and organizational services.

Growing with Eudonet Stb
Marieke van Dam: “More than twenty years ago, we met some people who are still working at Eudonet Stb. We continue to have a very pleasant relationship with Eudonet Stb. The current system was built in close cooperation with RINO. Improvements and ideas came from both RINO and Eudonet Stb. New pieces continued to be built into the system.”

All the information in the system
“Eudonet Stb gradually played an increasingly central part within RINO. The full course content, website copy, and brochure texts are now in the Stb system. RINO’s employees work using documents linked to the system”, says Davy Blekman, head of General Affairs.

Marieke van Dam: “It is convenient to be able to log in to the system from anywhere in the world. Because processes are role-based and colleagues with similar roles can view each other’s sections in the office system, business processes can go on smoothly when someone is temporarily absent. The information link with the system makes easy to retrieve data. The administrative staff can arrange everything in connection with the courses using the system. Stb’s system has become the heart of RINO.”

Digital learning environment
Eudonet Stb also helped RINO to link the digital, web-based learning environment to Stb’s system. Course participants can be on the portal or build their “portfolio”, which makes their skill profile directly visible. You can also upload documents and get feedback and endorsements from teachers.

RINO intends to go on expanding the system in the near future. The next major update is going to link “Carefree”, the RINO branch supporting professional associations, with the office system. Marieke van Dam: “Stb’s system supports our vision about our work, the way it’s organized, and our relationship with our clients.”


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