“ Eudonet Stb’s software enables us to answer our members future questions today.”


The KNMvD (Dutch Royal Society of Veterinary Medicine) is the professional organization of veterinarians in the Netherlands. All in all, it has almost 6,000 members. The KNMvD brings together veterinarians specializing in diverse areas. Keeping in mind animals’ best interest as well as the needs of consumers and the society, the KNMvD stands for professional development and improving the veterinarian’s social position.

The importance of a quality record
The need to define basic quality norms can nowadays be seen in all sectors. This is either required by law or demanded by the society. “We believe our members are experts in their field. We’ve got very high-quality education programmes in the Netherlands. Nevertheless, we wanted to help our members show their quality.” That’s what Tobias Boerboom had to say. The quality register provides guidelines for members to follow and makes it possible to attend and register refresher courses. “This way, our members can constantly improve professionally.”

Two in one: a quality register and a CRM system
In the process of automating the quality register, the need arose to update the CRM system as well. As a result, the systems are seamlessly integrated and switching back and forth between them couldn’t be easier.

“Our dashboard/member portal is a good example. Each veterinarian has their own dashboard for logging in. For example, if they’re registered in the quality register, they can see the tasks they still need to complete. As soon as they’ve performed those tasks, we get a message in our CRM system telling us that a check can be performed. Because the CRM system and the quality system are unified, our administration is always in good order.” That’s what Tobias Boerboom had to say.

A transparent and complete system
Many processes can easily and quickly be viewed in Eudonet Stb’s system. Among other things, correspondence and invoicing can be done smoothly and easily this way. The link between the CRM system and the quality register provides complete administration and optimal support to the members.
Tobias Boerboom sums it up as follows: “Eudonet Stb enables us to answer our members’ future questions today.”


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