“ Thanks to this user-friendly system, the limited time that we have can actually be dedicated to our patients, rather than being wasted on all kinds of administrative tasks.”


More time for the patient thanks to the EFR.

Carl Hamilton works as a gynecologist at the Reproductive Medicine Center within Jeroen Bosch Hospital. The Reproductive Medicine Center within the Jeroen Bosch Hospital uses the National Electronic Fertility Record (EFR). According to Carl Hamilton, the center’s mission is to provide high-quality, patient-friendly care to couples with fertility issues.

The EFR was commissioned by the Fertility Automation Foundation, with the purpose of building a single national fertility system. Carl Hamilton indicates they had a close look at eight software developers. One of the reasons why Stb was chosen as the best one was that the company already had in-house knowledge, acquired while developing the Fertibase.

EFR benefits
Carl Hamilton: “The EFR is a very user-friendly software: you only need one glimpse at it and you’ve got both insight and overview. The system makes it possible to work paper-free. It also facilitates communication with primary therapy with the help of its automatic letter and report module.”

Because data is stored in a uniform format, you can compare clinics and, subject to the patient’s approval, you can use the data for scientific research, says Carl Hamilton.

The EFR is web-based
“The EFR meets the expectations you can have of a modern EPR. For example, it’s web-based. The IT department can easily deploy the system. Users are able to access it from anywhere in the hospital. The system is linked to the hospital environment, so name and address information is retrieved automatically.” That’s what Carl Hamilton has to say about it.

Overall conclusion
Carl Hamilton: “It’s a very user-friendly software. With minimal navigation, you get a full overview of patient data. It’s also very helpful when writing letters and drafting reports. The time you can spend with each patient is limited. The system lets you dedicate this time almost exclusively to the patient.”


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