“ After doing market research, we found Eudonet Stb to be our best choice, and they remain our best choice to this day.


Successful open enrollments thanks to Atlas

BHV.NL Manager Henry Harmsen van der Vliet talks about Stb Training: “The market demand is transposed into the software we need.” BHV.NL provides courses, trainings, and workshops on company safety, in locations as close as possible to the client. The course locations are spread all over the Netherlands. BHV.NL also provides in-company courses, at the client’s office. In addition to trainings, the company also specializes in consultancy and organizes coaching and implementation pathways.

The beginning
Henry Harmsen van der Vliet: “Before we met Eudonet Stb, we kept very simple student records. At some point, the need emerged to automate the student records. Around the year 2000, Eudonet Stb worked with us to start a development project made up of simple steps, which has eventually led to our existing, advanced training module. It is referred to as ‘Atlas’ internally.”

For BHV.NL, it was important to make the enrollment module available online, through the website. This was made possible together with Eudonet Stb. Especially course participants coming from large enterprises enrolled using the open enrolment module.

BHV.NL saw new opportunities here: building an online client portal where users can find information regarding in-company training programmes. “It was all based on Eudonet Stb’s standard software. This was tailored efficiently for the back-office, as well as for the website,” says Jan Kasteel, BHV.NL Service Unit Manager.

Jan Kasteel sees many advantages in Atlas. “The software is easily adaptable to BHV.NL’s business processes. Eudonet Stb thinks along with us, taking a solution-oriented approach. The adjustments are possible thanks to the flexibility of Atlas. Moreover, each department can always view the course participant’s registration procedure.”

“The automated processing of the open enrollments through the website is an asset for us. The web enrolment allows the out-company course participants to make the plan on their own. They can always see which course can be attended and where.”

Plans for the future
Expanding the digital enrollment process so as to make it available to in-company clients as well. “The system will notify students in advance regarding refresher courses. Then, the students will be referred to the website, where they can plan the course on their own, just like the out-company course participants”, says Harmsen van der Vliet.

“Eudonet Stb is a good software partner. The market demand is transposed into the software we need. We intend to start communicating mainly digitally. This system is based on Atlas and it will be gradually implemented during the following years.”


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