“ Personal contact is one of Eudonet Stb’s great advantages. They work with small units whose members we know. This makes it always possible to get fast responses.”


A tailored system

Ambius provides advice and support to companies seeking to optimize their workspaces. Ambius offers companies a complete concept: from plant and flower arrangement and care to scent systems and art.

Intensive cooperation results in a tailored system with lots of advantages
Peter Voskuilen and Rene Peters from Ambius are closely involved in the development of the tailored software system. Peter Voskuilen: “Together with Eudonet Stb, we have developed a unique system for the automation of all the core tasks involved in our sales process. Our advisers connect to the system from the client’s location and enter the interior design requirements, which, by way of synchronization also become available at our headquarters that same day. This enables us to come up with a quote within two days. Before we had this system, the process took 8 days! And because we can draw up quotes faster, our advisers issue more quotes, we get more orders, and our turnover has increased. Eudonet Stb’s system also helps save costs: we can process this larger number of quotes and orders in our Sales Department using fewer people. An excellent result that we are very satisfied with.”

A new way of working
Rene Peters: “Stb’s system also gives us better insight into our business process. We have access to information regarding clients and relations anytime, anywhere, and we can monitor order status optimally. For many of our colleagues, the implementation of the Stb system meant a whole new way of working. To make sure the system was accepted internally, we involved as many people as possible in the development and implementation. That way, we were able to use relevant observations in order to further optimize the system. And so, everyone immediately got a taste for it!” Peter Voskuilen continues: “The great advantage is that the system enables us all to work in the same way. It makes it very easy for us to exchange information and take over each other’s work.”

Ambius implements the Stb system internationally
Rene Peters: “We are more than positive regarding our intensive cooperation with Eudonet Stb: the designated contact people think along with us, they’re involved and solve whatever problems may arise. That’s why we are very enthusiastic about the fact that our colleagues in Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Germany are also working with the Stb system. Peter Voskuilen: “We use the same Stb system everywhere, but each country can customize it as needed. Think, for instance, of the language used and the system output when it comes to client addresses and offers.”

A glimpse of the future
Rene Peters: “At this point, we are still using a different software system for invoicing. We are trying to develop one whole system in the Netherlands that we (just like our current sales system) can roll out in other countries where Ambius has offices. That’s a task Peter and I will gladly take on and carry out together with Eudonet Stb!”


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